November 15th, 2015

                            Hero Wod Sunday!!


                    Starting November 22, 2015




                  We will be scheduling Hero wods every Sunday @ 11:30am

              Strength movements will be posted on Beyond the Whiteboard

                   along with the Hero Wod that will be conducted that day.

                         Strength can be done before or after the Hero Wod   

                                   as open gym will continue as normal.

Attention CrossFit Scranton Athletes and

ALL of Northeastern PA!!!!

Are you ready for our 3rd annual Lift Like Leckey??

If so, please join us October 4th Saturday, Oct. 4.

Support the “Honey Badger’s” Mission…. AKA “WNEP-TV’s Ryan’s Run 5” which helps kids & adults with disabilities at Allied Services. It’ll be a fun WOD!

Attention CrossFit Scranton Athletes and ALL of Northeastern PA!!!!

Our very own Karen “Venom” Pocius has officially qualified for the CrossFit Games in California this July!!! She finished 15th in the world in the open and closed out regionals in 12th place. This is such an amazing accomplishment that so many of us have dreamt about and strive towards. So if you have a chance, congratulate her and let her know how amazing she is!! It has been an honor for all of us to have watched her compete in the open and the regionals and I am sure that we all look forward to seeing her on the world stage. If you would like to watch that live over the next month we will be putting together a trip to California to see her compete. We will be having a WOD fundraiser and Pocius GAMES ATHLETE t-shirts will be available soon (pre-order) to help fund her trip, keep checking back for details.


We are moving our box!

CrossFit Scranton is moving 1.1 miles away from our current location to 1541 Albright Avenue Scranton, PA.  We will begin conducting classes on Monday April 7th at our new location. See you all there!!!


Christmas Eve WOD (12/24) will be held at 8:15am, 12:30pm, and 4pm

Christmas Day WOD (12/25) will be held at 10am

New Years Eve WOD (12/31) will be held at 8am and 10am

New Years Day WOD (1/1/14) will be held at 12:30pm

Happy Holidays!!!!


Thanksgiving Day (11/28) WOD will be held at 10am

*11/27 and 11/29 will be a regular schedule


Attention CFS Athletes! As some of you may know Autism hits close to home for a lot of our athletes.

CrossFit Scranton is happy to announce we will be one of the boxes hosting the Lift Up Luke Fundraiser October 19th from 10am-12pm.

If you have time and would like to help out you can pre-register by clicking here, you can also donate at the box the day of the fundraiser, or anytime up until then. If you will be participating in the workout you can sign up on the whiteboard at the box.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we hope to see you there.

Are you ready for our 2nd annual “LIFT LIKE LECKEY”??

If so, please join us Saturday, September 7th!

Not only will you have a blast gettin’ your sweat on, but you’ll also be able to help kids

& adults with disabilities as part of “Ryan’s Run 4.”

Check out the poster below for more info.


If you are unable to attend but would still like to make a donation please click here

Attention CFS Athletes!!!

We are very excited to announce our first Slackline workshop!!!

We all know how important balance is to our fitness and now we can challenge ourselves and have a great time doing it!

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please join CrossFit Scranton in congratulating our July 2013

“Athletes of the Month”

Joni  AND Mike

For the first time we have a husband and wife as out athletes of the month. Since they started training 11 months ago there have been very few days that we haven’t seen them at the box and because we see them so often most of us have not recognized the transformation that has occurred. As we look at these pictures I am sure that each of us will be taken back by the leaps and bounds that these two have made. When Joni first called us about starting CrossFit she spoke of her concerns for her children to live a fit life, so they along with their children, Izzy, Sophia, and Keegan joined, all of them forging to get fit together! What these two have done is abide by the belief that “your children will do as you do and not as you say” by giving them an amazing example to follow. I feel truly blessed to have these two incredibly selfless people as members of our CFS community.

Joni “CZ” AND Mike “Beard”, July 2013

We asked CZ and Beard a few questions regarding thier CrossFit experiences and goals that we thought should be shared across our CrossFit community!
What is your Occupation? CZ: Air Traffic Controller Beard: Air Traffic Controller
What is your fitness background? CZ: Jogging and winter sports (x-country skiing, downhill and figure skating Beard: High school basketball and track (high jump)
How long have you been CrossFitting? CZ: 1 year in August Beard: 11 months
What is your favorite aspect of CrossFit? CZ: I felt welcomed from the moment I started. The constant encouragement and camaraderie of the other athletes and coaches creates a positive atmosphere that makes me want to work out. I am a working mom with 3 kids and CrossFit is the one thing in my day I do for me and I love it! Beard: The community aspect of “suffering” together. You just can’t get this type of workout anywhere else. Also how knowledgable the coaches are, from the oly lifts to the motivation!
What are you goals? CZ: CrossFit helped me lose 65lbs and now that the weight is gone I am trying to become a balanced athlete. I want to eliminate my weaknesses. Beard: More “weight loss”, muscle ups, handstand push ups
Favorite WOD to date?: CZ: Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria (Columbus Day 2012) Beard: Murph
Least favorite WOD to date?: CZ: I like them all once it’s over. Beard: Crazy eights
Thoughts after first CrossFit experience?: CZ: I felt like a kid again, hanging out and playing with my friends. Beard: Wow! That was awful, but I’m hooked!



Attention CFS Athletes

Fourth of July WOD will be held at CrossFit Scranton at 8:15am and Noon. Hope to see you all there and have a great holiday!!!!



!!!!Calling all CrossFit Scranton Athletes, Family, and Friends!!!!!

We are pulling together to support our CrossFit Vertex Family in a Wendo Warriors Production;


A fundraiser benefiting the March of Dimes

We are inviting all CrossFitters, family, and friends to come ‘March’ on their behalf like CrossFitters do….by training like warriors would! April 20th we will come together as one community to aid in the support of this amazing foundation! We will train hard to push forth the urgency and criticality of the March of Dimes funding and medical care. It is so important to so many families that need their support!!

Not only will there be a nasty workout, snacks and friendly faces, there will also be a few giveaways for a free month of CrossFit training and T-shirts. Dig deep guys, we’re looking to make a large impact as we always do. Go big or go home!!!!

Date: Saturday April 20, 2013

Time: 12-4pm, WODs will kick off every 30 minutes from noon to 3:30

Donation: We’re asking for a donation of $20 but will gladly take more or less :-)

Location: CrossFit Vertex

WOD: The unknown and unknowable 😉

If you’re unable to attend the event on April 20th but would like to make a donation please see Mindy (Trapz) or Jenna (Sparkles) with your contribution


Yoga for CrossFit

When: November 18 (Sunday)


Crossfit athletes are a unique breed…… so why should their yoga be any different? Join Alex and Kelly of Mission Yoga for the latest installment of poses crafted to get more mobile for your WOD, and get introduced to some more challenging poses including arm balances and inversions. All levels are welcome.

Please Click Here to pre-register

THANKS to all of those who supported “LIFT LIKE LECKEY” for Ryan’s Run 3. This is just the group that turned out for the 11 a.m. workout time. In less than 3 hours, nearly 100 athletes helped raise close to $2,300.00. All proceeds will go toward this year’s continuing Ryan’s Run campaign. RR3 benefits kids and adults with disabilities at Allied Services.

Click Here to make a donation for Ryan’s Run 3


ATTENTION CFS Kids and Parents

New Schedule for the Kids Class (ages 8-14) starting 10/15/12

The Kids classes will run Monday – Friday at 5pm.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:00PM 5:00PM 5:00PM

!!!!!Attention CrossFit Scranton Athletes!!!!!

CrossFit Scranton has put together a competition to motivate  and stimulate the drive to lose fat, without losing any of the good stuff along the way! Are you ready for a challenge?

This will be a body fat composition competition, geared towards the largest percentage of fat loss….not just weight.

  • We will be holding a nutrition seminar on Sept 15th at 12pm to cover all the basis and provide all the information you need to make substantial changes during this challenge.
  • Body fat analysis must be completed by Oct 1st, criteria as follows:
  1. See any trainer to schedule an analysis now through Oct 1st
  2. Must be after 12pm
  3. Must be done before your workout
  4. No alcohol, caffeine, or medications with diuretic affect for 12 hours prior
  5. Must be hydrated (you will empty your bladder prior to being weighed in)
  • Your competition starts the day of your analysis and ends 4 weeks after
  • There will be a $10 buy in fee
  • One female and one male winner announced Oct 31st

3…2…1, let’s go CFS!!!


!!!!!ATTENTION Parents!!!!!

CrossFit Scranton Kids Program begins July 23rd, 2012

Forging the Future of Fitness

CrossFit Scranton Coaches Mindy Casey-Hubshman, mother of 3, and Jenna Strzelecki will lead the pack on our newest venture, to bring health and fitness to our area’s youth through the CrossFit Kids method designed for the specific development needs of that population.

CrossFit Kids is a strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed for kids and teenagers and helps them develop a lifelong love of fitness. In a group setting, children and teens participate in fun and engaging workouts that deliver measurable results and prepare them to be well-rounded athletes. Workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movements that deliver a fitness that is broad, inclusive, general and scale-able for any participant at any level. When fitness is defined as broad, inclusive and general it means that participants will become well-rounded athletes who will be better at any and every sport that they play because CrossFit Kids doesn’t coach them to be good at just one thing.

In addition to increasing our youth’s fitness and athleticism, CrossFit Kids:

• instills a lifelong definition of health and positive body image

• reverses prevalent health issues such as obesity

• protects against injury

• creates a community of like-minded individuals for support and self-confidence

• hones life skills such as concentration, problem solving, perseverance, dedication, motivation, and goal-setting

Classes will be a duration of 45-60 minutes and will consist of Warm Up, Movement Instruction, WOD (Workout of the Day) and Cool Down/Stretch. Schedule will be as follows:

Monday Wednesday Friday
5:00PM 5:00PM 5:00PM

Calling all CrossFit Scranton Athletes, Friends, Family and anyone else we can reach with this invite!!!!!

Join us for a Team Event for Baby Aubree


Update 2/27/2012:

Participating athletes, please note we have decided to run only 3 heats, they will be run at the beginning of each hour from 12-2….event will end at 3pm. Please show 15 minutes prior to the top of the hour you plan to participate, registration is not required.

Update 2/25/2012:

TIME updated from 12-4 TO 12-3

LOCATION: Court House Square (Linden St) Scranton


CFS is requesting your support once again to partake in something we do even better then crushing WODs….that is pulling together to help care for those that need our help. If there is anything we do on the drop of a dime it’s open our hearts deep into our wallets :-) to help provide some monetary support for those that are very much in need.

Today we ask that again, as a community we pull together any funds we can to help provide support for a sweet baby girl named Aubree, daughter of the DeFazio Family in Scranton. Just born this past year, November 28 2011, Aubree experienced a grueling introduction into our world. After complications at birth she has spent most of her short life, thus far, in the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville.

Aubree is now on a long road to recovery needing 24 hour care and treatment, to continue even after she returns home from her inpatient care. Her outpatient care will require special in home medical equipment to provide the daily medical treatments she will require.

This is where we come in strong as we have before so VERY well! We will be conducting a 3 hour fund raiser in her honor to help aid her family with the medical costs that are sure to be more then anyone of us could possibly imagine.


Team WOD of the unknown and unknowable.

Each team WOD will last for a duration of 20 minutes, not including warm up.



Saturday March 3, 2012



12pm-3pm, Team WODs will be kicked off at the top of every hour for the duration of the 3 hour event. 12, 1 and 2 pm

To participate you simply need to report to Courthouse Square 15 minutes prior to the top of the hour you’d like to participate in.



Court House Square (Linden St) Scranton



We are accepting any amount of a donation to participate.

Drop in donations from those not interested in participating are also welcome (and encouraged :-)).

Please make checks payable to Deanna Pinko

If you have any questions or need any additional information please see Kaleena (Tokyo) or Tommy (Yoda) at the box.




WOWWWW! What a success! We raised 4,565 dollars for sweet little Faith Stoshak and family with the help of CrossFit athletes, family and friends. It’s been truly amazing to watch our community in action…over the last few months we’ve put forth hard work and dedication for some amazing causes….sweet little Faith hitting the top of the charts. A very Merry Christmas to Faith and family and a HUGE thanks to all who participated and donated in this event, this is as close to home as it gets!




A HUGE thank you is in order to all of the participants and spectators of CrossFit Scranton “Amazing Graze”, the Barbell4Boobs event! We managed to pull together, in a very short amount of time, over $1,200 in donations for the Mammograms in Action cause!!! How proud we are to be part of such a strong community…thank you, thank you!

Congratulations are in order to Rich “Turtle” Beshada; taking top time for Men and Tricia “Rogue” Strugala; taking top time for Female. Both were awarded a $25.00 gift certificate, compliments of our dear friends at Scranton Running.



!!!!!Attention Scranton and Surrounding Areas!!!!!

CrossFit Scranton is running a promotional offer to open up CrossFit to a broader scope of Lackawanna county residents! At CrossFit Scranton we want to make it possible for more of our counties residents to be able to reap the benefits of training within a CrossFit community for a healthier future. We will be extending to all new members a promotional offer that cannot be matched:

Unlimited Membership Promotional Offer:

$80.00 per Month with a 1 year contract

**One complimentary hour of nutrition guidance for all members who sign a 1 year contract!!!


$90.00 per Month with no contract


**First class is always complimentary

Please join us at CrossFit Scranton where we pride ourselves in promoting functional training that encompasses the 10 aspects of fitness that will not be addressed with a standard “Globo Gym” membership. Our methods have been proven to guarantee results in overall health; weight loss, strength, stamina and flexibility just to name a few….so please join us, our current membership will more then agree, there is no community base training environment like there is with CrossFit!


Please see the Schedule updates made 3/31/2011. We’re growing so our schedule will be growing with us! We’re here to ensure athletes of all levels are getting the attention they deserve.

  • Addition of 7PM class Monday – Thursday

** 7PM Class is for seasoned athletes only. This class does not offer the fundamentals necessary for newer athletes to attain the required technique of the key foundational movements**

  • Addition of 11AM Open Gym on Sundays

** 11AM Sunday time slot is considered open gym, this is not a standard class setting. Trainers are present for technique coaching on any specific skill an athlete chooses for that day**


Get Fit with CrossFit Scranton!!!!Are you Fit?

At CrossFit Scranton’s Open House you can:

  • Meet our trainers
  • Meet our athletes
  • Watch a workout
  • Try some exercises
  • Ask questions
  • Enter our raffle for your chance to win a 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month membership!

As a group, trainees create a room full of energy that fuels strength and endurance of both body and mind, while supportive trainers offer patient encouragement, challenging you to reach your fitness goals. Commit your mind, spend the time, and gain control. Join today and get more than fit, with CrossFit.


To be the most well rounded athlete possible, we focus on all

aspects of fitness equally!

But let’s be serious, we all have a favorite…what’s yours?


Everyone at CrossFit Scranton would like to congratulate our friend, UFC Fighter

and hometown hero, Brian Stann on his first round knockout of Chris

“The Crippler” Leben.

Great job Brian, 2011 is your year!!!!

Look out Silva….there’s a coal cracker knockin on your door!


The Muscle Up club welcomes you Joe….but did you have to make it look soooooo easy? :-)


The New Year is Upon Us!!!!!! What Will Your New Helen Time be?


Happy Holidays from the CrossFit Scranton Family
Join us for the Holiday Stink and Drink!!!
Scheduled 12/23, festivities to begin directly after 6pm class


Just a typical day in the life of a kipping pull up at CrossFit Scranton
A huge CrossFit Scranton shout out to Mindy, Tash and Kate for getting
their first kipping pull ups in the month of November!!!!!!!!!!!
With hard work comes huge results, many RX’d WOD’s
are on on the horizon ladies! Great work




#1. Do I have to get in shape first before I do CrossFit?

This is a very common misconception. Know that even the most elite athletes come in and find our workouts challenging. You will never be “fit” enough. That is why we are here and offer scaling options for each individual so that you can thrive in each workout on a personal level. Fitness is a lifelong journey…a journey that we all should strive to be on forever.

#2. Can I really get a good workout in less than 30 minutes?

Yes. More and more research shows that shorter duration/higher intensity workouts yield higher benefits/results. It all basically boils down to hard work. The truth of it is, the longer the effort, the lower the intensity. If you run 10 miles, your intensity (power output) will be lower than if you run multiple 400 meter sprints. The majority of our workouts are shorter in duration, with 30+ minute workouts programmed on occasion. Reason being, if you have a shorter workout, you can work harder by nature, which can lend to a better response, especially combined with the movements that we do. No matter who you are or what workouts you do, without hard work, you will not see results, which is why we encourage you to work to the limits of your physical and mental tolerances.

#3. I want to do CrossFit, but I don’t want to get big and bulky.

In order for people to get bigger, especially women, there are two things that you would have to make a conscious effort to do.

  • One – Pick up very heavy weight on a frequent basis. CrossFit Scranton is not a power-lifting program. The tenant of our programming is based on broad, general-purpose fitness. To quote a statement by CrossFit founder, Greg Glassman, “we specialize in not specializing.” At CrossFit Scranton, we are very much concerned about your strength and do integrate heavy loading into our workouts, but we do this within a balanced fitness program.
  • Two – Eat an extremely high calorie diet. For most women (or men) to gain productive muscle mass takes quite the effort in eating the right foods in a high amount.

#4. I have heard CrossFit is really hard, is this true?

CrossFit is as hard as you make it. We encourage people to push to the limits of their own tolerances, but only you can make the most out of your own workouts with the amount of work you put into them. We have a saying around the gym, “become comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

#5. I feel it is too expensive, is this true?

Our rates are actually comparable to, or less than any other group led workout program in our local area. The reality is, with the quality of instruction and level of attention you get from our CrossFit Scranton Coaches, it is personal training at a fraction of the cost. The question is not, “can I afford CrossFit Scranton?” The question is, “can I afford not to train at CrossFit Scranton?” Your answer should be obvious if:

  • Your health is a top priority
  • You are focused and wants results
  • You want to take your fitness and mindset as to what is possible to a whole new level
  • You life demands that your workouts be short and effective
  • You want the best CrossFit coaching you can find.

#6. I have heard that you can get hurt doing CrossFit, is this true?

You can injure yourself in any activity, but CrossFit is safer than many activities people perform every day. At CrossFit Scranton, we like to work with people in 3 stages.

  • One – Mechanics (learning how to do the movements with correct technique)
  • Two – Consistency (the ability to do the movements over and over again with safe and relatively efficient technique)
  • Three – Intensity (the speed at which you do the movements).

One does not come before the other. We always start with Mechanics.

#7. Since you don’t follow CrossFit.com programming, what are your goals when programming for the gym?

CrossFit.com provides excellent programming. At CrossFit Scranton, we take the same approach with constantly varied functional movement workouts. We choose however to offer workouts that may be more easily scaled in a group setting as well as workouts that address some of the needs/desires of our specific community. On a regular basis, we do program workouts that integrate heavy loading to address strength demands, coupled with short intense metabolic conditioning. Our philosophy is the same as HQ, we just try to meet some of the more specific needs of our community.

#8. I have back/neck pain from previous injuries that I don’t want to aggravate, can I do CrossFit?

We have numerous clients who have come through our doors with previous injuries or pain, and found relief by strengthening the muscles around the problem area. All too often, people will neglect an area due to fear from a prior injury. Because of this they end up de-conditioned, weak, and more susceptible to injury in the future due to minor mishaps, which is usually what happens. Training at CrossFit Scranton will provide a buffer so that you are less susceptible to these kinds of injuries. The coaching staff at CrossFit Scranton takes great care to ensure the movements and workouts are completely scalable, allowing anyone to take part.

#9. I admit, I just follow your site and then do the workouts on my own, is this okay?

You could just follow our blog, but you would not get the quality coaching from our certified trainers. Most people are not taught how to move correctly. As such, you are potentially making yourself more susceptible to injury and leveling off in your gains by trying to do this on your own. Additionally, it is definitely more fun when you are encouraged and held accountable by a group of your peers. And, you won’t have the camaraderie of having someone cheer you on in your basement or local gym, like you would have at CrossFit Scranton.



**This is an article from CrossFit Montgomery County (MD) featured on the affiliate blog today. Good read, and it may help you understand why as coaches we tell one person to “slow down” and the person next to them to “go go GO!”

INTENSITY Articlein case you missed it, this is an article from CrossFit Montgomery County (MD) featured on the affiliate blog today. Good read, and it may help you understand why as coaches we tell one person to “slow down” and the person next to them to “go go GO!”
(click above)



Attention CrossFitters!!! Please visit the photo gallery to view photos of our most recent triumph, FGB5! We pulled together and raised over 1,000 dollars in just a short time…just more proof of how CrossFit can make a community stronger! :-) Great job everyone

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