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CrossFit Scranton WOD 9/11/13

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9/11 Tribute – Partner WOD:
9 Rounds:
11 Exercises
11 Reps each
to be executed in 2 person teams

1- Burpees
2- Jumping Back Squats m:45lbs f:30lbs (barbell)
3- Pull Ups
4- Kettlebell Swings m:53lbs f:35lbs
5- Hollow Rocks
6- Strict Press m:45lbs f:30lbs (barbell)
7- Mountain Climbers (L/R = 1)
8- SDLHP m:53lbs f:35lbs
9- Pistols (Alternating)
10- Muscle Snatch m:45lbs f:30lbs
11- 11 Meter Fireman’s Carry

A two person team will have one member working at all times. #1 begins with burpees, once complete, #2 executes jumping back squats, once complete, #1 executes pull ups, then #2 executes kettlebell swings, and so forth. Since there an odd number of exercises, the second time through, #2 will start burpees, #1 will do jumping back squats, etc. The idea is a quick and even work-rest cycle, high intensity.

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