January 30th, 2016

All of our trainers are Certified CrossFit Trainers.

Thomas Casey, aka Yoda; CrossFit Scranton Owner and Head Coach, began his search for a complete method of health and training 26 years ago. Beginning with the traditional gym weight lifting methods he soon after was introduced to the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which would later prove to be the path to his CrossFit Career. After finding himself being injured quite easily while training the sport in which he grew to love he began to search for a new method of fitness that provided more then just strength, he felt there had to be more aspects to fitness that would need to be established and maintained for him to become a more rounded athlete.

Amongst his search for a rounded sense of overall fitness and health he came across the website, this proved to be the exact and complete set of concepts and methods he had been seeking. After beginning the battle with the “girls” he knew he had found the sport that would take him to not only his max level of ability in the sport of Jiu Jitsu but also take him to new heights in regards to all fitness aspects. Tom received his accredited CrossFit certification in April of 2010 after being AFTA certified for 2 years prior, he established his Scranton Box in May of 2010 and has been going CrossFit strong ever since.


Stephanie Jones, aka Matinee; was a competitive golfer from the age of 4-18, but never consistently followed a conventional workout regimen.  After years of bad habits and developing a sedentary lifestyle, she began her CrossFit journey after moving to the area in 2011.  With inspiration and motivation from CrossFit Scranton head coach and owner Thomas Casey, she found a new appreciation for fitness.

After losing 90 lbs through following the CFS programing, supplemental strength training, yoga, and making changes to her daily nutrition, Stephanie obtained her L1 certificate in the fall of 2014.  Although she has experienced ups and downs, the progress she has made and the things she has accomplished give her a relatable means to help others jump-start their fitness journeys.  Stephanie stepped outside her comfort zone and even trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a year and now loves trying new sports and activities like yoga and Muay Thai.  Her experiences in BJJ gave her the desire to participate in the CrossFit Defense Trainer Course, earning her CFD Trainer’s Certificate.  She believes wholeheartedly that everyone has an inner athlete just waiting to be inspired.

Stephanie is very grateful for her CFS experiences training with and under some of the best coaches around and being surrounded by the best community and athletes that anyone could ask for.  Her favorite thing about CrossFit Scranton is the opportunities it gives people to live their lives to the fullest and accomplish things they never thought possible.

– Level 1 Certified, November 2014                                                                                                                                 – CrossFit Defense Trainer Program Certification, May 2015

Michele Petrasko, aka Idol; has always been involved in sports and fitness. She has played tennis since the age of 5 years old, trained at Bill Adams International Tennis Academy and Northwood Racquet Club, #1 Doubles Girls 18 Middle States in 2004, #218 National Singles ranking 2004, and an alternate at the Junior US Open International Championships ’04. She received a full tennis scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh where she was a 4 year Women’s Varsity Tennis Letter.

– Michele got injured during a conference match her freshman season at Pitt. She has a detached labrum in her hip and had surgery in Vail, CO. She came back the following season but was not 100%. Six years later, after all the physical therapy, threat of a second surgery, and little confidence in her hip, Michele never dreamed she would ever be able to regain her full confidence in her hip (especially Deadlifting 300lbs!)

– CrossFit has helped Michele gain her full confidence back in her hip. Because of CrossFit Michele does not need a second sugary. She is just as strong, if not stronger than her pre-injury capabilities and improving every day in the box and on the tennis court.

– Michele has been coaching tennis since she was 16 years old and CrossFit for the last two years. She loves coaching CrossFit and is honored and privileged to coach the athletes at CrossFit Scranton. Michele loves helping people reach their goals and witnessing the physical and mental transformations.

– Level 1 certified in February 2012 and CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer


Mindy Hubshman, aka Trapz;


Karen Pocius, aka Venom;
is proud to be the eldest current member of CrossFit Scranton. She began her most recent
fitness journey in order to help her daughter become a better runner for Field Hockey.
Running lead to a gym membership where she branched out first into yoga and pilates, and
later into step aerobics and kick boxing classes.  She became cut and fit but felt like
something was missing.  Two former gym buddies encouraged her to try CrossFit.

After one wod, Karen knew that CrossFit offered endless opportunities to become stronger
and healthier.  It was exciting to see so many things she had no idea how to do and to see
males and females of varying ages working out together.  She was hooked and ended up
foregoing a year’s gym membership to join CrossFit Scranton in January 2012.

In both 2013 and 2014, Karen participated in the CrossFit Games Open at the urging of her
coaches.  2014 was her year and she went to the CrossFit Games in Carson, CA ranked #12
in the Masters Female Division ages 60 and higher.  It was an incredible experience for Karen,
her coaches, and her CrossFit Scranton family!  Karen competed with the world’s top 19
females and ended the three-day competition ranked tenth place in the world. Not only was
2014 important as her year for the CrossFit Games, but Karen, also, retired after 39 years as
an elementary school teacher.  In September 2014, Karen became certified as a CrossFit
Level 1 trainer and has enjoyed sharing her passion for CrossFit with our CrossFit Scranton
family ever since.

She recognizes that CrossFit has affected her in many more ways than only her performance
in a workout.  Thanks to CrossFit, she a better swimmer and downhill skier, and has more
confidence to take on life’s challenges.  CrossFit has definitely changed her life for the

Robby Casey, aka Drama;

 Kimberly  Chernesky, aka LiL Kim
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